A new way to enjoy your conservatory - every day!

Our roof tile system is an alternative way to stop your conservatory getting to hot in the Summer and too cold in the Winter

With our roof tile system your conservatory becomes a welcome, usable extension to your home for you and your family to use and enjoy all year round.

With roof lights installed into the system, your conservatory will continue to be flooded with natural light so you won't have to lose the feel of a bright, airy room in your house.

Our roof tile system is a fully insulated solution which instantly transforms your conservatory from being an occasional use room (when the temperature is right!) to a room used day and night all year round. The tiles have an incredibly low U-value of just 0.15 which is about as good as it gets!

The roof tile system is designed to fit easy installation by our tea of professionals onto your existing conservatory structure. Whilst it is being specified for new conservatories, the majority of installations we carry out are to replace old, tired conservatory roofs which are old technology

Available in either premium slate tiles or standard steel tiles, our roof system comes in a rage of colours to complement the existing roof on your home. The ceiling inside the conservatory can be finished in plasterboard or tongue and groove timber ceiling to add further warmth to the room

Apart from adding value to your home, here are the other benefits of our roof tile system: